Three Common Elements

Yoga, Tango and Grief have grounding, trustworthy connection and community in common.

We stand with our bare feet on the floor in yoga feeling the big toe, little toe, heel connection. In essence we are standing solidly on our own two feet.

When we are grounded we feel safe and secure, something we the grieving and those who support us, lack.

Experienced Tango dancers feel the floor moving up to meet their feet. There is an awareness of oneness with the floor supporting them.

It was nearly a year, in my Raw and Fragile Grief states, before I felt grounded. The earth seemed miles away. I felt as if I were floating as I walked from place to place.

My son had left the earth plane when he died suddenly, unexpectedly. It seemed like my body was intent on living in this state of shock, dissociating.

It was not until I began my training as a body-mind therapist that I began to discover grounding within. The sense of trustworthy connection returned as I focused on my right knee.

I could feel my foot on the floor for the first time in nearly a year after a powerful synergy session.


Yoga allows us to connect within. Tango allows us to connect in the arms of another and trust that the dance between leader and follower is one of deep listening.

Grief isolates us from our sense of self, others around us. We feel lost and alone. We can no longer trust ourselves.

Who am I now? Clients ask that question repeatedly. Until the grieving begin to feel their breath at the tip of their nose and follow it into their body, they have only felt agony ripping their bodies apart. This intense pain is the body’s response to loss. It was during the body-mind energy therapy where my head and feet were cradled, that I began to first feel connection without the pain of grief.


Have you ever been to a yoga class? Everyone is there to listen deeply to themselves and support one another in community. When we chant the sound OM the room vibrates and so do our bodies.

We are not alone.

Tango has its own community that occurs as much off the floor as on. There is no talking on the Tango floor. We learn about each other as we sit together resting between the dance sets.

When we come together in community as those grieving or those supporting the grieving, we remember, we are not alone.

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