Dear Community,

My clients know they can make an SOS call whenever they’re drowning in grief. You know, those times when you can’t catch your breath in between sobs. And the snot won’t stop running out your nose. The times you want to die, too.

They know I’m here for them. I’m committed to answering the phone if available or to call back as soon as possible. We’ve agreed that for 9 minutes I’m their lifeline; giving my focused attention, listening, and helping them through the melt-down. Nothing is too insignificant.

The Heart-wrenching Call

This last Monday morning I picked up one of those heart-wrenching distress voicemails, “Georgena, will you please give me a call?”

I did and it was one of those dreaded days for my client. It was the eve of the beloved’s birthday.

Just one year ago, they had thrown a fabulous Big O birthday party for their now departed loved one. Nine months of planning and preparing had gone into making the celebration special. A joyful event for someone deeply cherished. The party was a huge success.

“I just needed to hear your voice today,” my client said to me. “I want to find something to celebrate and feel happy about.”

We talked about last year’s wonderful party – the theme, elaborate decorations, the food, and especially the tributes given by friends and family.

My comment was, “WOW!! You allowed your beloved to experience their celebration-of-life nine months before it really happened!”

There was a LONG pause.

“I guess you’re right. We had no idea that they wouldn’t be here a year later.”

“And you may not feel happy or in a mood to celebrate today. That’s okay. It hasn’t even been a year!!” I replied.

“I guess you’re right.”

Another LONG Pause.

“I will be gentle with myself today.”

Are you the person someone can SOS call? Are you there to listen?

Or is there someone you know who needs a call or a text today? Someone who needs to hear your voice?

Is there someone you, as the griever, want to share this article with?


Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


P.S. – Click this link and listen to: “How’s Your Grief?”  –