Have you ever heard someone sharing their story and all of a sudden you make a connection? “Hey, that happened to me too.?” There is a relief, a real sigh as your body relaxes because you ‘got’ what they were saying. Their story was your story. In the Grief Relief Workshop, people tell their stories and make a difference in the lives of other grieving people. You may not be aware, but as you grieve, you become a teacher to others. When we gather together to intentionally mourn in a safe space, the power of the place and the group accelerates both the grieving and the relieving. A woman came last month and began crying the moment I opened the door and gave her a welcoming hug. Mid-way through the workshop as she emptied her first box of tissues she said” I have been crying since I walked in here. I haven’t cried this much in months and it really feels good.” She left with the intention to have a life of comfort after hearing the comforting self-care strategies shared by all of us in the group. Self-care IS the foundation for moving through and beyond your grief. She sent a card just two weeks later which read” Thank you so much for all your help during the workshop. I learned so much. Your words pop into my head at times which is so helpful. I feel much better.” You DO make a difference when you let yourself grieve in the safety of a group. ‘Where two or more are gathered’ recognizing where grief lives in the body, listening to it and releasing it happens so much faster.

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