Last week on the Mindbody Radio series, Grief is Not Contagious, we discussed these six kinds of grief:

  1. Anticipatory
  2. Disenfranchised
  3. Complicated
  4. Secondary
  5. The Two-Year Cycle
  6. Child Grief

Let me briefly define each of them:

1. Anticipatory – the wide range of emotions that you experience before someone dies. You often feel relief after the person has passed because the person is at peace and the deep work of grief is done.

2. Disenfranchised – the diminishment of the grief after a miscarriage, the death of a pet, a divorce, or death of a dream. (For example, being passed over for a promotion.) Met with, “You can try again for a baby. Buy another pet. You’ll get the next job you try for.”

3. Complicated – being in the agony and aloneness of grief for years due to multiple deaths. Or being the last one in your family to die so you’re grieving alone.

4. Secondary – Loss that comes as a result of the primary loss. A spouse who is the breadwinner dies and now there is no income to support the family.

5. The “normal” two-year cycle of healthy grief

6. The grief of having a child die.

Out of these six, which grief is yours?

Listen as I talk more about these facets of grief and answer questions from callers.

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These callers affirm the truth, “You are not alone in your grief.”

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Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


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