Where is the Mother’s Day Magic?

If you’re mourning your mother because she’s ill or now dead on this Mother’s Day, where is the magic? Click Here

If your mother is still living and you can’t stand the sight of her, where is the magic?

If you’re a mother mourning the incarceration, estrangement, or death of your child, where is the magic?

Stop reading. Go look in the mirror. The magic is IN YOU!!

What is the Mother’s Day Magic?


The kindness you bring into the world makes a difference.

You, like me, may have been blessed with a beautiful, intelligent, kind mother. I honor her today. Click Here. And I honor myself. By choosing to be kind to myself as well as others. Those around us feel our kindness. It makes a difference.

The Science of Kindness

Author David Hamilton wrote, “The Five Side Effects of Kindness.” He asserts that human beings are wired to be kind. Our bodies are actually at their healthiest when we practice kindness.

He reveals that it’s been scientifically proven that our bodies respond to and even need kindness. “Being kind actually changes the internal biochemistry of your body,” Hamilton states. “It’s the opposite of stress.” Kindness positively impacts our entire nervous system, turns on our immune system, slows the aging process, and may even be a remedy to depression.

In fact, there is a “kindness hormone” called oxytocin that is produced in our bodies every time we practice kindness. “One of the things that it does is soften the walls of the arteries,” Hamilton says. “As you soften toward other people, you actually soften your own arteries. When that happens, the heart doesn’t have to push as hard to get the blood through, so the blood pressure drops.”

Kindness is Contagious

Hamilton also writes that kindness is contagious. A single act of kindness can create a ripple effect that extends far beyond the original giver and receiver. Studies have shown that when someone witnesses an act of kindness, they’re more likely to act kindly too.

3 Acts of Kindness for Yourself
  1. Drink a glass of room temperature water with lemon juice and a pinch of sea-salt.
  2. Go for a 20 minute walk with your precious self or a dear friend or neighbor.
  3. Enjoy flowers this Mother’s Day

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