Several of you have experienced yet another loss. A different loss. The grueling loss of your beloved pet.

Some of you lament, “This is the last loss I can take!” “It’s the one thing that connected me to my person.” “Where has my comforter gone?”

I’ve noticed that when people share on Facebook about their pet’s death, the comments say it all. They’re more detailed and expressive – more heartfelt emotion is in the words. Responses are less ‘canned’.

Recently, my dear colleague and soul-friend, Rev Kathleen Verigin, lost her beloved Bindi. When she posted about it, I made sure to read every single one of the 139 comments.

Kathleen then wrote some tender thoughts about when we lose a pet. And she’s given me permission to share them with you.

When my first beloved cat had to be euthanized (I don’t like putting to sleep or putting down) I couldn’t understand why the grief was so much different than when my dad died. I sobbed, screamed, stared off into space, cried some more.

 This went on for a few weeks. That’s when the epiphany happened.

 When we lose a human, we grieve not only the loss, but also what that relationship was or wasn’t. The grief bounces between the head and heart.

 But with a beloved pet, the grief bypasses the head and goes straight to the heart. And squeezes and squeezes and squeezes. If we know this and allow the raw feelings to be expressed, we will move through the loss with greater ease and grace.

 Beloved pets are little bundles of soul that ask very little of us. They shower us with unconditional love. We are their gods.

Kathleen’s musician friend, Aaron Alderson, composed a piece for her called, “Bindi’s Lament”. They’ve given permission to share it with you. Listen and feel your heart squeeze.

You can find more from Aaron and Kathleen by clicking these links.

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Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,