Each and everyone of us is going to experience grief.

Grief is a natural consequence of loss.

There is little grief as a result of misplacing something which may last moments, minutes or days. There is grief that lasts longer and consumes our attention for days or weeks. When someone blocks us from Face Book, we have been cut off and cut out of belonging. We feel the dark, deep anguished feelings of grief. Then there is the BIG grief of loosing our identity when we loose our job or someone we love. The “Who am I now?” appears.

I experienced grief in the tapestry of my life when my son, Reed, died suddenly, violently of self-hatred. He had failed a breath test and was kicked off the basketball team. He lost face publically and did so literally when he shot himself in the head.

Initially shock, anguish and feelings of guilt and deep sadness enveloped the tapestry of myself in darkness. Finally, as I discovered the transformative power of grief the tapestry of my life began to lighten. Grief was not a part of every thought, action and activity.

I began to work with people to release grief and replace grief’s grip with tools and activities of consciousness that create self loving experiences in their lives.

My question to you is:

Do you believe that once BIG grief appears will it always be a part of your life tapestry? Will it always be with you at some level?


Can you let go of grief?

If you’re struggling with the emotional process of grief...

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