As 2020 closes, what made a difference for you? Was it new realizations, insights, learnings? How have your relationships changed? In this article, I encourage you to list your top ten.

Last week I attended our annual Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) gathering – via Zoom, of course. Each attendee was to share something with the group.

I shared my new video, “Open Your Red Envelope for Christmas” which was created by Sande, our editor.

Another attendee read her ‘Top Ten’ of 2020. The ten things she was most grateful to receive throughout the year – gifts, insights, aha moments. Number one on her list was, “My new awareness of my relationship with toilet paper.”

Of course, we all had a good laugh. And we realized so many relationships have dramatically shifted this year.

As 2020 closes, what are your Top Ten?

What ten or twenty things have really made a difference for you?

My list would begin with:

  1. Gratitude for all the alone time I’ve had to go within and discover new Ahas.

What’s #1 on your list?

I invite you to gather your journal, favorite writing tools, and a candle. Go to a favorite place.

Breathe in. (Deep inhale.)
Breathe out. (Cleansing exhale.)

Breathe in health

Breathe out dis-ease

Repeat until you feel centered. Then begin to write your list.

Finally, click reply and share your Top Ten List or just #1 on the list.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


PS – Meet our editor, Sande George. See more of her videos by visiting her website

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