We’re all being asked to be flexible as the world braces for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Just this morning, I received an email informing me that my flight to Newark, NJ on April 29th must change to April 30th. I was given a choice to “Accept” or “Decline” and wait for an agent to call.

Things are different nowadays. We’re living in a state of flux. Have you stood in line at the grocery store lately? I waited in line for an hour last Wednesday evening.

Can you feel the shift in consciousness? I would re-name this pandemic Conscious-19. It is a call to awaken to live in mindfulness. To remember we are more alike than different.

I am inviting you to shift your thinking slightly. To embrace a state of “flux” – to be in “flu-x-ability”.

5 things to be conscious of:

1. Worldwide Mindfulness about washing our hands. The old “run them underwater for a moment” (or not even washing them at all after using the bathroom) is not only detrimental to you, it now puts all of us at risk. How many times are you mindfully washing your hands?

2. This is a respiratory virus. It lives in the lungs. So does Grief. Are you meeting your grief when it arises as a tsunami-of-emotion? Are you allowing your critical mind to loop around and around berating you with “If only I…”? Remember “Grief is an inside job.”

3. It’s a small world after all. The problem is no longer “over there on another continent.” It is HERE. Are you in fear or are you willing to take action and trust that you have all that is required for a two-week quarantine? Do you have enough supplies and food for two weeks?

4. Can you take a few steps back to become conscious of what a two-week quarantine could mean for you? TIME. TIME to BE with your immediate family. TIME to read, meditate, stretch and allow yourself to be in curiosity and discernment instead of “pushing.”

5. This worldwide event is a call for COURAGE to navigate the dark emotions of greed, grief, anxiety, and fear. It is a call for COMPASSION to be gentler with yourself and others. It is a call for CONFIDENCE as we no longer listen to the ego but, listen to the wisdom within. What is your predominant feeling state?

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Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,