This last Wednesday marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The day began with this quote waiting for me…

“If grief can be a doorway to love, then let us all weep for the world we are breaking apart so we can love it back to wholeness again.” ~Robin Wall Kimmerer

Yes, you’ve heard me say it many times before, “Grief is a doorway to growth.”

Later that morning I stood gazing at the Willamette River with my back supported by a beautiful weeping birch tree. From a heart filled with gratitude and love for the earth I asked, “What is mine to do?”

That evening I attended an online gathering of IONS…. International Organization of Noetic Sciences. The astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, created IONS. He’s also credited with taking the blue marble photo of the earth from space. Decades ago he knew the consciousness of humanity had to change or we would destroy the earth.

Hearts from around the globe joined together in a moving ceremony. We began by imagining ourselves in a beautiful place in nature. (Many of you, as former clients, will recall how we began our sessions. I invited you to imagine a strong, beautiful place in nature. It was a way to fill yourself with strength before the eruption of strong, dark emotions.)

The nature place I pictured myself at is in Gleneden Beach. There’s a vortex where the canopy of trees opens to pounding waves. The waves can often symbolize a tsunami of grief emotion.

But I wasn’t afraid. I simply felt overwhelmed by the vastness. This ocean would be here long after my departure from the earth. Again I asked, “What is mine to do?”

The answer was simple, “Go to the river each morning. Lean back into the support of the birch tree. Fill your heart with love, send it forth to heal and bless the earth and all you encounter.”

So now I ask you, “What is yours to do? What is yours to do, from your heart?”

In this time of uncertainty, can you allow the earth to ground you? Supported by a tree so your heart can be re-aligned in love?

In the IONS gathering, we watched this 15-minute video together in awe. It was produced in 2017.

Click here to view:

Listen… do you hear the Wisdom Weavers speak of a virus? Do you feel fear or love? Nothing to judge. Simply more to ponder in this time of pause.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,