What IS the Best Way You Can Support Someone Who Is Grieving?


                                                                                                          The Love we show saves the Love we hide,

                                                                                                         the way a sprig in sun feeds its unseen roots.  ~   Mark Nepo


The email invitation from the United Kingdom to answer the question:


 “What is the best way you can support someone who is grieving?”

arrived as a surprise. It began with this:

“This is a bit of an odd question but I was wondering if I could feature you in a blog post? I’m In the process of putting together an expert roundup post for the website and I would love for you to be a part of it. If you had just a few minutes to answer a question that would be amazing.”

Here’s the topic I’m going to do the post on:

What is the best way you can support someone who is grieving?

Getting your insights on it would be really great. If only something quick or a general thought (although if you can spare the time to elaborate further then the more the better!)

I Have Begun a Poll to Answer this Question

To date I have these responses:

  1. Simply sit and listen.
  2. Touch with their permission – a long hug, or a hand on their shoulder.
  3. A card, with heartfelt sentiment.
  4. Sitting and listening to music together.
  5. A movie. Gets them out into life again.

Now it is your turn. Please REPLY with your response and permission to share your name if you wish and website or profession.

YOU make a difference each and every day. As a grieving person, or someone supporting the grieving, you know first hand what Does and Does NOT work.

Looking forward to your response.