If you’re reading this then you survived 2020! Let’s shake off the dust and move into a new year. To help you do that, I’ve created a video titled, Let Go of the Getting Here. Discover what Love’s vision is for your life in 2021.

This recording is a grounding and centering process to increase your sense of safety. I use the Life Visioning Process which was created by The Rev Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith.

We’ll explore together key questions to ask:

  • What would you like to have happen in 2021?
  • What is yours to do? To be? To become?

2021 is going to happen whether we’re ready or not. So, I invite you to gather your courage, your curiosity, and your self-compassion and join me in this 30-minute process.

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What is Love’s Vision for Your Life in 2021?

After completing the process, please share. Hit REPLY and tell me what you discovered.

Then, I will partner with you in seeing your vision complete. I’ll write it on a beautiful piece of paper, tuck it into my prayer book, and put it in the center of my altar. I will speak it aloud and each day envision it done.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


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