Your Mind Matters

Over and over it is the judgmental, twisted thoughts that keep us from listening to our grief and its emotions.

The thought: “I can’t ever feel happy again. It is dishonoring my departed.” keeps us in sadness and longing.

The thought “Why her? She was so young.” spins the emotion of anger over and over through our body as well as our mind.

The thought: “I can’t focus on myself. That’s selfish.” focuses our attention on the belief that life now is either/or instead of both/and.



So when we feel ourselves yawn and hear ourselves make a sighing sound three to five times, we discover that our upper body relaxes. When we focus our attention to yawn-sigh our stress lowers. We are in the moment to move from our critical mind into our body. When we Yawn-Sigh with curiosity the nucleus accumbens, a structure deep within the brain is activated. Have you noticed that all mammals yawn and often make a sound with it?

Slow-Stretch Releases Body Tension

Are you barely holding yourself together? Do you feel like any moment you are going to crack from the inside out? These fearful thoughts originate in your mind. So discover what is really true.

Before you get out of bed in the morning yawn-sigh-stretch-slowly. Notice where your arms are moving. Are you pointing your toes toward the ceiling? What happens when you point them down?

Your body is calling for you to get out of your fearful mind. Pay attention to how time seems to be suspended as you feel your hips and shoulders sliding across the sheets. How are you feeling in this moment? Do you feel rested and relaxed? Are you feeling more kindness toward yourself? Are you curious about the goodness this day will bring?

Grief Lives in the Body

When you move into connection with your body, your attention shifts. By allowing yourself to be in this minute with curiosity, feeling your bones and muscles, you are slowing down. You are still here. As awful as that may seem, you are still here. Now what? Will you stop during the day to yawn-sigh-stretch-slowly?  Will you drop your attention from you mind into your body?

Try it and see what you discover. Then leave a comment on this blog. I will share it on  Thank you.