We’ve each experienced massive loss in our personal lives over these last few months. Added to our personal loss is the grief we feel over our national casualties that keep mounting up.

This week was an exhausting, horrible week across our nation.

• Over 100,00 people dead from the Corona Virus
• The economy still in freefall
• A racist incident in Central Park
• Murder in Minneapolis
• Two hundred businesses destroyed in the Heartland of American – by its own citizens.

How did all this news impact your mind?
What thoughts do you have about us, the American people?
How did this news impact your body?
How did you feel emotionally?

Many of us are Highly Sensitive People (HSP). We’re awakening more and more to the racial and economic fissures in our country. It feels overwhelming. What are we to do personally when things are seemingly spinning out of control nationally?

Personally, when I feel overwhelmed by things out of my control, I anchor in nature. And I tap into the love and hope at the center of my being, my Loving Presence.

Anxiety climbs

This week, almost everyone I met with (via Zoom and phone calls) was experiencing high levels of anxiety. Corporate clients were overwhelmed by anxiety as they figured out how to bring employees back to work. Employees felt anxious about returning to work. And several clients were grieving the loss of their mothers.

Where is the nurturing, calming presence to soothe us in our aloneness, our feelings of abandonment? How do we find our center when we are awash in a sea of uncertainty?

Turn to Nature

Nature nurtures our soul. And it connects us to the love and hope placed in our inner heart.

Mindfully connect with nature and let your soul be nurtured.

• I invite you to step outside into your yard, walk to a park, or hike into a now open woodland.
• Take off your shoes and feel your feet contacting the earth.
What is the temperature? The texture? The substance beneath? Grass? Dirt? Pine needles?
• Now simply breathe in through your nose for 4 counts. Hold for 7. Release to the count of 8.
• Repeat this breathing technique three times. *
• Now breathe into your heart.

What does your heart look like, feel like, sound like in this moment? Release the sound you feel.

The power within

Dear reader, we each have the power within us to live and move and have our being from this place of awareness, connection, exploration, and expansion.

We can take the time to go within and envision what a healthy America would look like, sound like, and feel like. Sixty-eight seconds of envisioning can begin creating the New Now. There is only this moment, the present.

Yes, our personal grief takes many forms and is exhausting. The only way out is through.

Your challenge this week

Will you commit just three 68-second envisioning exercises this week? Commit to moving out into nature, standing in your bare feet, and imagining a healthy America?

Email me your experiences. I’d like to share what people envisioned as part of my blog in upcoming weeks.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


P.S. – * this technique is from Dr. Andrew Weil.