Dear Community,

If you’ve suffered a trauma, you know how disjointed you feel. You feel out-of-sync in your mind, emotions, and body. Using the principles below will help you find a feeling of inner wholeness.

Last Week’s Recap

My son, Vincent, rarely comments on my blogs, so when he shared his thoughts, I listened.


“Mom, your blog last week about Chewie was disjointed. You had three ingredients in the mix but failed to create a real tasty treat for your readers.”


Aha. I got it. Trauma does that to us. Trauma: that event which changes the trajectory of our life as we know it – in a moment. It’s disjointing.


In last week’s blog, I was the woman driving on fire to get her grand dog, who was in a state of respiratory distress, safely to the animal hospital. It had the potential to be a BIG trauma.


Then I became the spiritual practitioner, the one believing all would work out well after handing Chewie off to the vet.


Finally, my belief was validated by an entire section of the ‘O’ magazine revealing that life is always happening FOR us.


But I forgot to share how I was feeling in each of these parts of that traumatic night.


Your Inner State Matters

I am NOT talking about Interstates 5 or 84. The highways that connect our part of the world – north to south and east to west.


I’m talking about your body, emotions, thoughts, and resulting actions.


Explore the WAG Principles and Find a Sense of Wholeness

In honor of our special pup, Chewie, let me share the WAG principles. WAG: willing, aware, gentle.


WILLING to really pause and notice what’s happening in your body.

Focus and ask yourself, “What’s my inner state of being in this moment?”


AWARE of the tightness in your neck, back, heart. Become curious.


The body has its own sensations, aches and pains. It has states of tight contraction, frenzy, and confusion; unfurling to relaxation, rest, and renewal. Imagine the tight rosebud, opening to a soft, fragrant takes-two-hands-to-hold blossom.


GENTLE acceptance.


Staying in that place of ache, pain or discomfort, you’ll discovered how your inner state can shift in the blink of an eye.


Or, sometimes not. So be gentle with yourself. Simply allow yourself to stay in whatever state you’re in.


Accept that this pain is not something to fix. It is an opportunity to listen deeply. To be in a deep state of connection with your body.


Eventually, you will shift to a more easeful state. Receive it with gratitude.


WAG Your Way to Wholeness

Try it this week. Begin noticing your inner states and WAG your way to wellness.


Let me know what you discovered. And, as always, I’m here if you need help or have questions.