You can change the emotional environment within and around by aligning with a different frequency. The change first starts by recognizing uncomfortableness.

When you align with the higher frequency of joy, love, peace, you won’t act in fear.

– Paraphrasing Paul Selig

The first step to making a change is awareness. You recognize that what you’re doing no longer serves you. And you enter a disruptive phase. Changing the motivations that have previously informed your actions is an uncomfortable process.

This uncomfortableness is an internal pressure that helps you shift out of the old and into the new. It’s the process of beginning to align with new frequencies. Then, your choices can become drastically different.

Let me explain

Imagine a jukebox. Every time you play a song you attune to its rhythm, the words, and vibes as you sing along. You’re changed by experiencing the song. Yo

Learning to align with a higher frequency of joy, love, peace is like learning a new song.

This point was illuminated last Wednesday night. I was invited to meet with a group of men impacted by the sudden death of a co-worker. The supervisor met me out on the cold warehouse floor. And talked about how he wanted to change the workplace environment.

“I am changing the culture here,” he said. “When we work in silence, our minds can become negative. Music shifts our thinking.”

He had decided to share his love of music and the emotional and mental transformation it can make. To provide a different frequency for his employees to align with.

I learned later that he was an avid follower of Tony Robbins and Joe Dispenza.

Shifting negative environments

Another example of this principle came when a friend shared her experience. She lives in a house with a roommate who struggles with depression and negativity.

Changing her roommate isn’t the goal. Staying emotionally centered is what’s important. Not letting the roommate’s negativity take over the environment is a constant inner battle. My friend became aware of the energy it takes to shift the emotional environment.

My friend shared how she started using the colander and re-centering techniques discussed last week.

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She found that changing her own thought patterns was key. She now intentionally focuses on things that bring joy, inner peace, and love. This shifts the energy in the environment and helps keep the negativity at bay.

Too often we don’t recognize the impact of negativity in our environment. We aren’t proactive in staying centered. So, we soak it up like a dirty sponge.

It’s like the proverbial story of the frog who got boiled to death. He blithely swam around in the pot of water while the pot slowly heated up. The frog didn’t notice until it was too late.

Recognize uncomfortableness. Then change the emotional environment within and around by aligning with a different frequency.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


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