This past year of pandemic lock-downs and isolation have emphasized the importance of touch. Especially for the lonely, isolated, and grieving. Because touchless carwashes are great – but not for humans. As a Rubenfeld Synergist, I’ve seen the power of touch to soothe a grieving person. A simple light pat on a person’s forearm, shoulder, or upper back often results in “melting”. The tightly wound nervous system relaxes. And the outer armor we all wear crumbles with a compassionate touch. So, I wanted to share this article from The Guardian: How a Year Without Hugs Affects Our Mental Health. Give it a read. Then reply and share your experience of how lack of hugs has affected you? Let’s start a conversation. Let’s explore ways to restore touch to those who live alone, are grieving, or struggle with chronic illness. Touch is just one way to support someone who’s grieving. Click here to discover more ways Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you, Georgena

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