Breathe. In. Out. In. Out.

From the first inhale at birth, our life is measured by the rhythm of breaths. Automatic and without thought. Each breath a moment in time – here and now.

How fortunate that this basic element of life – the breath – has the power to anchor us in our body, in the moment. Because it’s only in the moment – the here and now – that change happens.

Focus your attention.
Come home to your body.
As soon as you become aware of breathing, you’re in your body – this moment.
Mind and body entwine in the breath.
Guiding you to the wellbeing within.

Whenever you find yourself feeling tense, anxious, or overcome with strong emotion – breathe. This Awareness of Breath puts you in immediate Connection.


1.  Exhale LOUD and LONG
2. Breathe in through your nose noticing air temperature.
3. Breathe out through your nose noticing air temperature.
4. Repeat with awareness for 1 minute.

Why begin with a loud and long exhale?

Exhaling forcefully allows more room in your lungs for the next inhale.

Notice how much farther your breath goes down into your body.
To your throat?
Your chest?
Your stomach?

As a trauma and grief therapist, I always start client sessions with a breathing energizer.

Without doing this first, my client will stay in their head. They’ll approach the session through their intellect. And we can’t think our way through or out of grief.

Our breath feeds our brain, fuels the body, and brings us into the present. Energy is in the breath. When you breathe deeply, you feel life expanding your lungs and your soul.

Regardless of what state you’re in, you can refocus in an instant. It’s just one breath away.
As simple as ABC.

This Breathing Energizer is the second of three 1-minute Energizers. Download the FULL Energizer checklist HERE: After Loss Energizing Checklist

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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