Is this you? Feeling bone-tired weary? Fatigue is usually part of the grieving process. Overwhelming, off the charts tiredness. An emotional rollercoaster. Constant highs and lows that wear you down. The grief process can magnify emotions one day. And the next, emotions simply disappear; you’re numb.

Grief takes a toll on your body.

Are you feeling heavy, exhausted, achy, and painful? Does your brain feel cloudy, confused, and critical? (take the Grief Assessment and check your fatigue level. Go to

Loss is a part of life.

Grief is a natural consequence of loss. Grief hurts. The process is a continuum of running, hiding, embracing, and pushing away. It’s intense and messy. No one does it the same.

So now what?

Here you are – “in” it. You don’t like it. You want it to be over. You want to feel fully alive again.

Try this simple exercise to re-charge your mind and body.

A Simple One-Minute Exercise

The Yawn-Sigh Slow Stretch

Yawning supports brain focus and alertness. The stretching eliminates physical tension.

  1. Begin in bed each morning before you do anything else.
    • Become aware of your body and mental state. Mark Waldman, a neuroscientist, says, “When you become aware of your body and your mental state, your brain will function much better for the rest of the day.”
  2. Yawn. Deliberately. Make it big. Make it loud.
    • Count. One. Two. Three. (louder) Four. Five. Feel what’s happening in your face, inside your throat, in your chest.
  3. Now SLOW-LY begin to stretchFirst your feet. Point them to the ceiling and then toward the floor. Keep yawning and sighing (I’m doing this as I write). Stretch your arms. Move them from your chest as wide as they will move. Now reach high.
  4. Pause. What are you noticing?
    • Are you more energized? Does your brain feel awake, focused, and clear?
  5. Say “Thank you!”
    • Can you say it aloud or in your mind? Thanks for the gift of another day. Thanks for the bright moments coming today. Do you feel resistance? Notice that too.
  6. Move forward. 
    • When you feel refreshed and ready, move from your bed. Engage with the new day.

Start Now.

Do this One-Minute exercise any time you’re tired, fatigued, and sluggish. What we do physically, impacts our minds and emotions. “Fake it ‘till you make it.”

Let me know how it works for you.

Have You Taken the Grief Assessment Yet?

Grieving is a process. Begin with the assessment. Go to and complete the Grief Assessment.

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