Surrender to the fact that you have had a major loss.

Even though loss is a natural part of Life,  Your Loss is Unthinkable.

Now What? Now How?

  • Let Go of the picture of  Perfect “As seen on TV Holidays”
  • Accept the fact that if “you fail to plan for the holidays you are planning to fail”
  • Have a family meeting and explore what will nourish each of you this Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s

I overheard Chris planning his Thanksgiving Barbeque and Beer.

How logical. Easy, relaxed. Comfort food. “We can cook a turkey any time of the year” he said. “This nurtures us.

What traditions will comfort you? Allow you to simply BE?

My brother, Alan, still bakes Mother’s Butterhorn rolls. I still create the holiday centerpiece with a feather at Thanksgiving and a star candle at Christmas for each family member who has died.

Healthy Grief is a rollercoaster of snickers and sobs. 

Will you allow smiles, snickers and belly laughter as part of your holiday? Choice is your Birthright.

Will you choose to remember them by writing some poignant memory, putting it in an envelope and passing to the person to your right to be opened & read at the end of the meal? A heart-warming tradition is awaiting you.