It is so interesting how grief appears in my conversations with friends, family and colleagues.

I called Heather Michet on a sunny January afternoon because she is the Songstress for the May 10, 2018  “A Ceremony for Women Grieving Children”. There were some details I intended to discuss with her. The first thing she related was the heart ripping grief she’d experienced just days before while completing her dad’s tax return.

After listening and reflecting I said, “Would you share this story as a blog for the Beyond Your Grief Community?”

Here is her “Yes”

It was a snowy Sunday morning – slow and peaceful.  Capt. Jack, No Sparrows and I are both stationed on the multi-use table in our home: he’s watching bird tv out the bay window and I’m happily planted with my calculator and two tax prep organizers, mine and dad’s.  I am feeling great about getting all of the tax stuff to my CPA before February’s end!

As I cruise through my form’s queries, checking boxes and filling in figures, the next line is Date of Death.

Boom!  My eyes erupt with tears.  Once again, that sneaky bugger grief has surprised me with an unannounced heart ripping.  Thank you very much.

Did I mention that I was working on my tax organizer, not dad’s?  His organizer was next in the queue.  The organizer for his last tax return, ever.  Another part of his life was closing.

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~ Thank you, Heather, for sharing as this month’s guest blogger.