This last week, Mark Turnbull, host of Aging Today podcast, invited me to join him for the 2021 Memorial Day episode: The Importance of a Moment: Grief, Remembrance, and Memorial Day.


To prepare for the podcast, I researched the origins and traditions of Memorial Day. While browsing the internet, I ran across Taps Across America. Taps Across America promotes recognition of the National Moment of Remembrance on Memorial Day each year. Journalist Steve Hartman started this growing movement in 2020 as a way to unite a divided nation.


Taps Across America encourages everyone to stop what they’re doing for a moment of silence at 3:00 pm, on Memorial Day, May 31st. And if you’re a musician, consider playing taps at that time. It’s a fitting way to remember our fallen heroes. And to honor those currently serving our country.

Listen to the Podcast:

 Grief, Remembrance, and Memorial Day

Aging Today Podcast

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PS – Our grief healing process includes remembering and remembrance. And sometimes we feel anxious or guilty that we’ll forget our departed loved ones. Put your mind at ease with this article: Afraid of Forgetting Them

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