October 24, 1945, is the official creation of the United Nations through the UN Charter. And even though it’s not a public holiday (or bank holiday, if you’re from outside the U.S.), people come together to celebrate this auspicious anniversary—even in the form of a simple blog post.

Each year, the UN General Assembly picks a theme for the year. The 2021 theme is Recovering Better for an Equitable and Sustainable World.

Personally, I love this day. It’s a beautiful reminder that even though we, as people, will always have differences in matters both large and small, we can come together in order to create and restore peace.

Oneness is not an impossible goal.

This statement of hope resonates deeply within me. I dream of a world where there are no people being persecuted because of where, who, when, or how they were born. I move toward this goal by empowering those around me with knowledge on how to help souls in need, and you’ll see causes that I support on my blog and in my newsletter.

On a more individual level, I work to establish oneness within my clients and within myself by focusing on the mind-body connection. By that, I mean taking a few moments and really connecting with our bodies.

A great example is a session I had with a fellow Rubenfeld-Synergy practitioner. I would simply lie on the table while the Synergist asked, “Where are you connecting to the table?”

I began noticing one hip or shoulder felt ‘up in the air’. This was the perfect metaphor for my life at the time.

At times my shoulder, later dubbed my ’Grief Shoulder’, would burst into a flame of pain the minute it contacted the table. With the Synergist’s hands creating a protective ‘cup’ of listening touch, I was able to relate to the pain in her shoulder.

I began experiencing the recognizing, relating, and releasing phenomenon:
First recognizing the pain. Then relating to the aches, pains, and sensations. Finally, releasing the pain.

Sometimes I would see images that could be felt in my body.

Once, I imagined a rock wall split in two, which then released the shoulder pain, and then became a beautiful, soothing waterfall. I felt revitalized! My body, mind, emotions, and spirit became regenerated in real-time.

I often work with companies to help everyone from entry-level employees to CEO’s work through anxiety, grief, and anger.

Every one of those emotions is triggered by fear. Mostly fear of change. A relationship breakup, communication misunderstandings, health challenges, and addiction. Each person felt disconnected, unsafe, overwhelmed.

Delving into the situations we discovered that they coped with an upset by exerting control. Hanging on to their idea of what the other person should be saying and doing.

Our predictable responses are actually defenses helping us feel safe. But these behaviors separate us from others. They build walls around our hearts. And they cut us off from our internal emotional guidance system.

So, I asked each person to engage in the following experiment:

An exercise to transform emotions

  • Clench your fists as tight as possible.
  • Recall the person, event, emotion that you are attempting to control.
  • Move your fists away from your body to engage with this image.
  • What happens?
  • Then we moved through the forgiveness mantra. Forgiveness for their defensive thinking. Forgiveness helps release and transform emotions.

Most of them opened their eyes and laughed. They discovered that it was ludicrous to hang on to their idea of what should happen, how, and when.

We then said this mantra:
I recognize this controlling behavior in me has returned.
I forgive it for coming back to get my attention again.
I release this all to Love—the Love that is the heart of creation. The Love that we each originated from.

After that, we tapped into a deeper connection within by breathing in the Love of a Greater Power (the Universe, The Love of God, The Love of Jesus, Buddha).

And breathing this Love out into their life knowing it was rippling out to the upsetting event or person.

When we take time to focus on the mind-body connection, we take the time to create peace and oneness within ourselves. And that energy radiates out into the world.

Now, it’s your turn! I’d love to hear about how you can check in with yourself to create a sense of oneness. This can be your celebration of the day when the world took a giant step forward to coming together in the name of peace!

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