“The body tells the truth.” ~ Ilana Rubenfeld Where does grief live in your body? Recently a client discovered grief in their hip. The image that came up was of a large block of raw meat. “Raw-like?” I inquired. Grief can be so raw we can’t even touch it, just like a big cube of cold, raw meat. It can also block us from a return to life. When asked if this big block of raw meat had a message, indeed, the words were from her departed. Pondering the uniqueness of this, we traveled to the other hip. When asked to notice what was coming up in the space between my hands the reply was “an empty box with a lid.” We opened the lid and sure enough it was empty. Just the size to hold the “block”. We had many options for the session to proceed from here. We could have put the block of meat (really her departed) in the box and placed it back in the fridge where is it was initially discovered, or we could have asked the meat and the box what they wanted, or asked for both to be removed from her body. Instead my client became aware of the truth that they really do know how to take care of themselves. Eating smart, sleeping well and getting out in nature were my client’s foreground self-care strategies. When asked what they were taking from the session the reply was “spinach”. The awareness that eating green foods is so important for continued health and wholeness. During the summer time my client goes barefoot in nature because it makes them feel good. I just returned from sitting barefooted in my garden this morning. The practice called “Earthing” (website and book by the same name) is scientifically proven to improve health. It is a grand way for me to ground, center and give thanks for the miraculous people and processes in my world. A world where people move easefully from grief to joy.

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