The sudden, inexplicable death of Tyler Skaggs has shattered the world you knew. You are each in the excruciating pain of Raw Grief.

Wail your disbelief, anger, and sadness as the tsunami of Raw Grief pounds your brain and bone-tired body. Express these deep dark emotions.

Know that you’re being assaulted with stress chemicals. Grief Brain’s confusion, fog, and numbness is real.

Grief disconnects you from your own body. In this state of Raw Grief, which may last 90 days or more, CONNECTING with others is essential.

DECIDE to allow others to comfort you, even though moving through grief is an inside job.

Grief is a natural consequence of this horrific, out-of-the-blue loss of Tyler.

So, sending you all my heartfelt love and prayers that you will persevere to move beyond your tragic loss.

You are all Super Stars in human bodies. Feeling this grief is your birthright.

Heart to Heart,

Georgena Eggleston, M.A.
Vilomah, parent whose child has died
Trauma Specialist, Grief Therapist