Nature Reveals Hope

There was never a night or a problem that could defeat a sunrise or hope.  -Bernard Williams

So here you are, mourning, missing and focused on your loss. And those who care about you, seeing you entangled in your grief are holding and listening.

Did you notice the first day of spring arrived this week? What was that like for you- both inside and out? Was there a surge of energy within? Did your face express an involuntary smile?

Nature surprises us with little gentle reminders that life goes on. Even though this loss has changed everything, nature is reliable and dependable. Nature reveals hope.

This little bunny appeared during my last visit to the Oregon coast. It was a gift from nature. A promise of hope.

What’s bounding into your life now? Have you noticed nature sending you gentle reminders of hope?


Even When We Cannot See the Cloud Covered Sunrise, It Exists

Loss cuts us off from the life we had. Death. Divorce. Diagnosis. The patterns within and around us shift drastically. Our connection to being fully alive is severed.

Yet,  the sun comes up every morning.  Even when hidden by dense fog, we know that light and warmth is there Life’s light is present, waiting to shine through.

Out-of-sight doesn’t mean gone forever. Toddlers learn that balls roll behind couches. And mother walks out of the room. Neither is lost.

So it is with those who have died.  Their energy has left their body. Science has discovered that energy is neither created nor destroyed. It simply changes form. Grief has clouded our connection to them. But we learn to trust a new connection to them.

My journey to do so felt long. Yet month by month my vision became clearer. The signs from nature could no longer be chalked up to “Co-incidences.”

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Begin to Find and Feel Hope

Consider gathering with others who’ve experienced a loss like yours.

  • Those who know that loss is a part of life.
  • Those who trust and find hope in nature, despite knowing their life’s foundation has shattered. Open-hearted ones, embracing beautiful and nourishing nature.

It’s what I do. Each month, I gather with other bereaved people. Those  suffering because someone they loved died by suicide. It is not therapy. It is deeply listening to one another. There is no fixing.

We are safe to share our feelings, doubts and fears. I shared the story of standing at the patio window the morning that my son, Reed died.

As dawn’s fingers peeled back the darkness, a sliver of crimson light was dissipating the darkness. “Just as the sun comes up every morning,   I will move through this grief and beyond.” I said aloud.

Nature’s  sunrise, a symbol of hope, encourage my spirit within me.  I would not be defeated.

Today, my spirit lives fully again. Life is rich and beautiful. Hopeful and full of promise.

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