Ever feel like you will forever be fighting your way out of Grief Cobwebs that keep you from breathing deeply?

Feeling trapped in overwhelming Anxiety that descends from nowhere?

Simply exhausted by painful pressure from the knot in your shoulder?

What if you were to access the Power of your Body to guide you through the cobwebs of grief?

I did and you can, too.

Your body tells the truth.

What does that simple statement really mean?

It means that your body is more than the five senses of smell, taste, touch, seeing and hearing. It has its own language. The language of images, sensations, color, texture, sound, metaphor, and messages.

If you are willing to awaken to listen to the language of your body, a richer life is yours.

Recently I was the body-mind therapist for a long distance client.

This person was angry that they could not sleep because of their grief. So we began with me asking:

“What are you noticing in your body?”

“My chest is really tight. I am so angry that I cannot sleep.”

“Tell me more about tight.” I said.

“Tight like a big rope knotted around me.” They grab their chest.

“Tight like a big, knotted rope.”

(The Rubenfeld Synergy Method trains us to repeat or rephrase the client’s words because when they hear the wisdom and power of their word the session goes deeper.)

“Yeah and it is hot and I can barely breathe.”

Ahh, I think to myself, grief lives in the lungs truly cutting off the flow of life giving breath. Makes sense that this rope is wrapped around their lungs making it hard to breathe.

“ So it is hot. Hot like ______”, inviting the person to say more.

“Hot like a fire that is burning me up on the inside.”

“This hot, knotted rope is burning you up on the inside. If it had a voice what would it say?”

“I am FURIOUS that they died.”

“So FURIOUS that they died.” I rephrase.

“Yeah we were so happy and had so many things planned together. Now I am alone and it burns me up.”

“Of course, you are burned up at being left alone. You are not only angry, you are FURIOUS. Let’s experiment with FURIOUS. What does it sound like?”

The person immediately screams. Then begins to wail. I wait holding the space, sending love. As they quiet, I simply ask “ What are you noticing now?”

“The tightness is gone. The hot rope is gone. I can breathe. I feel calm. Like myself again.”

“So you can breathe. You feel calm, like yourself again. I am wondering if there is a place in your body where you deeply feel this calmness.”

“Yeah. In my stomach.”

“So I am curious if this calmness in your stomach had a voice what would it say?”

“Remember me.”

“Remember me. So I am curious if this calmness is inviting you to remember and feel it tonight when you go to sleep.”

“I just felt my stomach somersault. Like a ‘Yes’ to that.”

“So let us take a few minutes of stillness so you can really focus on your stomach and this calmness. I invite you to put your hands on your stomach and notice what it feels like to be calm, to rest and relax, to melt like butter.” After several minutes, I ask “And as this session comes to a close what are you taking with you?”

“Calmness in my whole body. Stillness as I rest.”

“So tonight as you rest in your bed, I invite you to remember and then feel calmness in your body and simply allow that calmness to carry you into a sound sleep.”

The Body does tell the truth. It was knotted up in anger. It was FURIOUS about the death. Yet when it was seen as the knotted rope, felt as the hot fire and heard as the wailing, it shifted. My client did not resist these volatile feelings. By Mindfully Grieving (getting in touch with ALL that was going on inside their chest) and Intentionally Mourning ( giving those images, messages and sensations a voice) the anger dissipated to calmness. My client had me as a supportive, present witness as they went deep into their grief. In this case, much more than wispy cobwebs were revealed as grief.

So I invite you to go to: https://www.rubenfeldsynergy.com to learn more about listening to the language of your body.

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