In this moment millions of Americans are in shock and disbelief. How could Donald Trump be the President Elect? How could he not be? Millions of Americans feel victimized by “the System”. Working two and three jobs. Seeing little change in their lives year after year. President-Elect Donald Trump  is their HERO! Whatever the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election GRIEF is a logical outcome. Someone was going to win. The voters for Donald Trump now feel seen and heard, a basic need for everyone of us. Hillary Voters, this message is for you. Grief brings up the deepest parts of ourselves longing to be healed. LOSS. Are you one the Americans feeling physically disoriented this morning? CONFUSION. What are you feeling in your body as you watch the volatility of the stock market? ANGER. Have you gone into blame because the outcome of the election was not what you intended? First we must Recognize that we are grieving. Then we must FEEL the grief to heal it. We must feel it in our body. Finally embrace Grief as a Transformative Teacher. We can be Trashed by Grief . Experienced as Bad Grief, our lives ruined. Stuck in a downward spiral live is never happy or joyous again. OR We can be Transformed by Grief. Experienced as a grueling,  painful experience that brings new gifts in the form of Willingness, Awareness and Growth, Good Grief shifts us. Awareness is the first key to change. In Raw Grief, that grief that takes our breath away as we are pummeled by our emotions of anger, sadness, and fear, we grasp for a lifeline. In Centers for Spiritual Living the Truth that God is Good is our Lifeline. Our tools are our Lifeline. Let us come together to Mindfully Grieve feeling grief in our body. Let us Intentionally Mourn exuding our grief as wailing, sound and movement so it is not blocked in our body.

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