The physical response to grief and stress are similar. Both cause tightness and constriction. Both require intentional self-care.

Several years ago I was asked by Blue Cross-Blue Shield to provide tools to manage stress in the workplace. My definition of stress was:

Stress = An emotional and physical response to Lack. Lack of time, money, energy, freedom, etc.

When you hear the word stress, do you feel constriction? A pulling in?

In many ways, it feels like the pulling in of grief.

Grief = the natural response to loss.

Yet, stress also has an element of frenzy. We can feel it on the freeway, in the harried faces of shoppers, and certainly on the news.

So, when I opened Tuesday Tips from Allison Clarke, I was grateful. Grateful for her vulnerability, authenticity, and the tools she shared about dealing with stress.

Allison is a highly sought-after speaker, coach, and author. In her article, she included a video with Seven Stress Tips Proven to Work. She had had a string of stressful events that caused her to get serious about self-care.

We ALL know the necessity of self-care when grieving. The insights that Allison shares about stress and self-care equally apply to grief.

Allison graciously gave me permission to share her video with you. Simply click on the image or the link below to view the video.

Allison Clark

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