Say Something, Please!

My Dear Community,

Have you experienced this……

A holiday greeting comes in the mail and there is not ONE WORD about your beloved who’s passed!

Friends and family mean well. We know they intend to send special thoughts and love.

While you’re longing for your loved one and holding their memories dear, others have gone silent. No one says their name.

No one writes a simple:

  • “Imagining this holiday is so hard without ___.”
  • “Wish I were there to hug away your pain, if only for a minute.”
  • “Sending loving thoughts to enfold you as you mourn the absence of ______.”

No one asks, “How’s your grief?”

So, if your friends and family have gone “silent,” say something. Please. Hit the forward or share button and give them the gift of a “do over.” Otherwise, they’ll never know.

Then consider giving yourself a gift. Sign up for the Woodland Retreat:  LINK HERE

At the Woodland Retreat, we’ll go deep in how to Shift the Winter Blues.

Go from grief and pain of isolation to a new connection.

Discover the tools to:

  • recognize,
  • release and
  • replace

the thoughts, beliefs, and actions that are blocking you from moving forward. Restore your life force energy.

Leave the retreat able to answer:

  • “Who am I now?
  • “What’s my purpose?”
  • “What’s the kindest and most loving thing I can do for myself right now?”
  • “What feeds my soul?”

Peace and Blessings All Over,