Has your heart been doing summersaults riding this election rollercoaster? Texts keep flooding in from friends, family, and clients during these nail-biting days. This exhausting emotional ride isn’t easy. Nor does it end quickly for most of us. Our thoughts and dark emotion keep loopy-looping in our brains.  Lofty highs and rock-bottom lows. Depleted energy in-between.

Build your home in the valley of now

We need to jump off the rollercoaster of grief and fear. And instead, build a condo in the valley. The valley of NOW. Remember, the only moment we have is now. This pain will pass. This grief will become different.  ‘We are not broken by Grief. We are broken open to evolve.’ To move from 3-D to 5-D Consciousness. To expand our Awareness. As Matt Kahn says, “To move out of our mind-based identity and into alignment with heart-centered consciousness.” My understanding, language, and heart expand as clients begin to move from Raw, to Fragile, to Gentle Grief. To live in Integrated Wellbeing – Love.

How I’m riding the News-Rollercoaster this week

My TV at home is usually silent. I allow an hour of nightly news. But my busy mind had me wondering what was happening. So, I jumped on the rollercoaster and expanded my TV routine to include a 3 a.m. check-in. CNN and Fox each get 15 minutes of my time. Then, I turn off the chaos and confusion. Turn on the gas fireplace. And begin as many minutes as necessary of Cleansing Breath. To clear my mind so I can again feel and hear my heart. My heart that trusts. That tells me that even though I do not like what I see, I am safe in this moment. I AM supported.

The Grief journey

You see, my Grief journey has been about riding the rollercoaster of my Manic Mind, into my Healing Heart, through the Bridge of the Body. Grief lives in the body. We must feel it. Then heal it. So today, I offer you the beauty of Laurie Jones singing, and Matt Kahn’s mantras.  As you listen, take cleansing breaths. Fill your heart. For even though our hearts have been shattered by loss and chaos, the Truth is – Love never dies. It is the core of our being.  Click Here to Listen

If you’re struggling with the emotional process of grief...

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