A simple practice can help you find reassurance in remembering. 

Loss can feel like a missing piece or a hole that never quite gets filled. When memories begin to fade, it can cause that loss to expand in a way you didn’t expect. 

Especially on Memorial Day, the idea of forgetting a loved one may feel fresh and raw. And frightening. 

Rather than letting that fear grow and fester, explore this exercise to open your heart again with gentleness and ease…

I invite you to pick up your journal, notebook, or pad of paper and write:

I Remember…

Then, as memories float into your awareness, complete that phrase.

Trust that the memories aren’t gone and are there. Don’t pressure yourself. Let them come over time. Write each down as it flows to you:

💭during a time of solitude 
💭before you go to sleep 
💭some moment over the weekend

Breathe and release into the stillness. Know that love and memories are not being forced. They are invited and allowed. Trust that they are always there.

Let us know how this exercise works for you. Share a memory if you feel so inclined. Most of all, take solace in the reassurance that you do remember.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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