A mother faces her first Mother’s Day without her son

She arrived tearful for our event: “On the Eve of Mother’s Day: A Ceremony of Healing for Women Who Have Lost Children, Once Born or Never Born.” The following day would be her first Mother’s Day without her beloved son. Her voice cracked and was reduced to a whisper as she introduced herself, sharing that her son had drowned the previous year.

I offered her (and all attendees) the opportunity to experience the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® the following week. I was delighted when she accepted, because I knew this method would support her grief recovery.

During our private session, she explained that her grief was such a burden that it made her feel nailed to the ground. In addition, one side of her body was lost in a fog, and she couldn’t feel it.

She told me that, in the past, her husband had completed suicide and she had grieved alone. This time, she was determined not to navigate her grief solo. She asked me to be her headlight through grief. Of course, I agreed to support her.

For 30 sessions, this courageous woman tapped into her wisdom, anger and sadness. During these sessions, she forgave her husband, her son and herself. She made major changes in her business and personal life, including releasing unwanted body weight. She became open to new relationships and met the man of her dreams!

Today, she is living radiantly and confidently.

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