Remember the Body always tells the truth. While you go through your day, smile and nod, acknowledge or deny your feelings, your body tallies it all. In many ways, it looks for ways to keep you safe and whole. With that protection: what does it mean in your life?

A recent experience I had when I went for a massage showed me what protection means in my life.

When the massage therapist asked if there was anything she should be aware of, I blithely smiled and shook my head no. I really was feeling just a little tired. There was no place in my body that was screaming, “Please release me, let me go.”

Within minutes of her touching my upper right shoulder, I felt a KNOT. Wow! Where did that come from, I wondered? Even with heat and touch, it remained.

I commented, “This is certainly stubborn.”
“Yes,” she replied. “I wonder what is holding on. Or what this is protecting.”
I felt tears behind my eyes. Who or what is protecting me? 

😬 Does protection have to hurt? 
😬 Does protection need to be tense? 
😬 Is it’s voice, “Do NOT come close?”

So, remember the Body tells the truth. The Body’s language is metaphor.

How often have I translated a knot experienced by a client into NOT?
So I surrendered into deeply listening to my precious self. 
Wondering: What does protection look, sound, and feel like? 

What we know is each of us has the answer to this question within.

I invite you to try this exercise. Pause. Exhale loudly. Close your eyes to see or hear the answer to the question: 

🌼 What does protection look like in my life now?
🌼 What does protection sound like in my life now?
🌼 What does protection feel like in my life now?

Then ask ”What would I like to happen?” 

As we move into the week before Mother’s Day, ask yourself what would protection:

👀 Look like 
👂 Sound like 
👉🏻 Feel like 

For me, it is time in nature. Feeling my feet as I walk. Smelling the fresh scent of spring. Hearing the birds as I open my heart to beauty, protection that is always present, and peace. 

As we approach Mother’s Day, I’d like to welcome women mourning a child – your own or another’s – who has died due to any cause (miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, suicide, illness, accident) at any time, or is absent from your life to enter a safe and sacred circle.

This Ceremony for Women Grieving Children was created over a decade ago by Rev Kathleen Verigan. 

What I have learned since is… Grief is a gateway to growth. 

When we enter into a community to grow, we have a Circle of Support. Let us come together to soften the sorrow and add a layer of comfort to Mother’s Day.

Heather Michet and I look forward to welcoming you to this online/virtual Ceremonial Circle via Zoom on Thursday, May 5th, 2022 – begins promptly at 5:00 pm PT. Save your seat here

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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