My Dear Community,

I received an email from a congregation member asking for prayer for her cousin. Her cousin’s husband had died after an illness of several months.

Today, I’m sharing the prayer that I sent for this grieving Christian widow.

Rubenfeld Synergy and Spiritual Mind Treatment gave me the training to craft a prayer like this. Many of my clients experience a powerful shift in their grief after praying this prayer.

The prayer is an Affirmative Prayer. It recognizes Infinite Intelligence, God, Spirit, Love, Something and unifies the one praying with that Source.

Next, we affirm the fulfillment of our request. Not begging or beseeching. Jesus always looked up and said, “Thank you,” before breaking bread or healing. He knew it was done as he believed.

Then, the prayer moves into Thanksgiving. And finally, Release. How often we ‘hang on’, making sure something we’ve requested is done. Well, that doesn’t work for me! How about you?

Please, read the following prayer aloud. Let me know your experience by hitting reply.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


Remembering that God is everywhere present in ALL of life, we breathe into God’s goodness Now. The power that hangs the stars in the sky and calls each by name, moves in through every ocean wave and floating cloud, God, Good, Spirit. This Infinite Intelligence that beats our hearts and circulates the blood in our bones, God as Love is at the Center of our very being.

So, in this Sacred moment allowing
my body to rest supported by the surface beneath me
my mind to relax as I breathe in nourishment for my brain
my emotions to simply come up a sadness, tears, tension or peace
my spirit to be renewed as the Love I have always been

I breathe into the safety, security, and stillness of this Now moment.

I Affirm that just as the sun comes up every morning, Loss is a part of Life. That Grief breaks us open as a natural response to Loss. That in the midst of anything unlike Peace there is a Stillness I call God, Spirit, Love.

I Declare that from the Love of God that I Am. From the Grace of God that I Am. From the Connection of God that I AM. I AM not Alone. In this moment, just as the roots of the aspen trees grow intertwined to keep each one upright, I am rooted in the Ground of All Being. God is my Source.

I Claim that I Am like a tree planted by streams of water, whose leaves do not wither. That as I breathe in, my energy is renewed, my mind calmed, and my strength is revealed. I ask and receive help from those who offer. They are the hands and feet of God, Good in my life now.

So with great thanks for all who love and support me, I remember, I am not alone. I Am the Beloved creation of the Most High.

Releasing this prayer into the Divine Mind of God, It is Done.
Thanks Be.
And So It is.

Copyright, Beyond Your Loss, LLC 2021

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