Recently I recommended a client consider taking a month-long writing class because this person has more grief to release than our weekly sessions can clear. One day they got a journalling prompt they weren’t ready for. So – Permission to Pass.

This is the way the writing program works:

1. The daily prompts arrive.

2. One picks up their pen and begins to allow their grief to flow onto the page.

Writing through grief

Sounds simple. And it usually is. Writing is helping free their grief as emotions flow onto the journal pages. It’s even been an educational tool as the griever reads the writings aloud to their partner and two close friends.

But then one day a prompt arrived that the client resisted.

When we talked about it my client said, “I need to challenge myself. I need to work harder.” But they acknowledged how tense their heartfelt.

So I asked, “What is the possible benefit of this prompt?”

They immediately replied, “I don’t see any.”

As we went through the breathing and checking-in process, their heart began to relax. They explored with curiosity the color, texture, and sound of the relaxing – letting go. They became aware of yellow (power), opening like the soft petals of a sunflower. And they heard ‘Ahhh’.

Then I asked, “What happens when your heart hears, ‘You have Permission to Pass’?”

“It totally relaxes.”


When we are in Raw Grief it feels like we have no skin. In Fragile Grief we look fine to others, but inside feel like we’re barely holding ourselves together.

Permission to Pass

We must remember…we have Permission to Pass.

Pass on going to summer picnics, parades, and weddings.

Permission to Pass on vacations, day trips, and afternoon adventures.

Ask, what is the benefit of this?

Are we pushing or driving ourselves for the benefit of others? Is it people-pleasing? Do you say yes so others feel ok?

No! Stop!

If you had a broken leg, would you run a marathon or even walk a 1K? Highly unlikely.

Well guess what? You have a broken heart.

So today, in this very moment, please give your precious self, Permission to Pass.

Hit Reply and let me know what you’re going to give yourself Permission to Pass on.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


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