The Dali Lama says,  “There will be peace on earth when there is peace in our hearts.”

How can there be peace in our hearts when we are grieving?

Grief hurts.

We feel disconnected from the person who died, the one who will not be traveling back to sit at our table ever again. Part of ourself has been lost.

This year many clients are mothers who’s sons are still living, but are estranged because the woman in their relationship has decided there is no room for Mom. Ever. So not only has she lost her son, but her grandchildren as well. I am stunned by this phenomenon. This mean, seemingly permanent disconnect.

So now what? How do we feel Peace in our hearts?

What if we turn to something larger than ourselves?

December 21st is the darkest night of the year. In this period from December 21st and December 31st the days begin to gradually lengthen. Light bravely returns. We may not notice because the lengthening is ever so slight. It is there. The whole world quiets,  waiting for that “far-off event”,  the birth of the Christ Child. War ceases for a day. Loss lightens as does the daylight. There is a palpable Presence, the Peace that Passes All Understanding.

But where?

How can this be for me?

When we sit hugging ourself.

Resting in our chair in stillness.

Breathing as one people everywhere.

This hugging as Intentional Loving Touch and Awareness of our Breath support us if only for a moment to feel the light of Peace in our hearts. To move from Pain to connection with Peace in the moment. Join me in connecting once again.

Here is my video gift to guide you:



Please share this with someone who is grieving . Then call them and watch it together.

Merry Christmas.

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