You Can Move Beyond Your Loss and Live Through Your Grief

If you’re ready to take your own life back from grief’s grip, we’re ready to support you.

We know we are all in Global Grief. We can’t think our way through it. Grief is an emotional process. The rawness, fragility, utter confusion and fatigue are part of the cycle. To begin to heal into Wellbeing, you must recognize the grief within you. Grief is an inside job. We are here as your companion through the whole process.

How We Do It

Once you realize you are immobilized and demand to get your life back, we have an array of brain-based, body-mind tools, and the expertise, insight, and decades of experience to help you.

Meet Grief Specialist

Georgena Eggleston, MA

In less than 4 years, my brother, father-in-law, mother, father and teenage son died. My brother and son completed suicide, so these unthinkable deaths were accompanied by deep guilt that I should have seen their pain and done something to stop them.

Through extensive study, I discovered that grief lives within us.

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Explore different options that can support you and your loved ones

Take a Peek at What Our Clients Say

“Georgena supported our employees with grief therapy after a sudden death to one of our own. Following this event, we heard and saw the value of offering regular general employee assistance/therapy on-site. She now visits our facility once per month with open office hours.

Employee mental health is critical to their happiness at work and at home. We greatly appreciate the time and energy Georgena invests with our staff. Thank you, Georgena..”


“You have helped me get my fears and feelings out. I know that I am normal because grief is a slow process that may take a while.”

“You have provided guidance for me through some very difficult, unprecedented times in my life with your extensive knowledge, body synergy therapy and a very positive, healing energy, with a focus on me – how I feel and what I need.”
“Georgena understands the overwhelming grief of losing a child from suicide as she lost her son Reed. What she did for us in 3 short months is amazing. Her work with both of us has allowed us as parents to reach a place from where we can both progress through grief to health.”
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