As the holidays and the longest dark night of the year approaches, I ask you, “How’s Your Grief?” It’s been a dark year filled with loss and grief. Today, I’m sharing a process for releasing your grief. It’s called, Open Your Red Envelope.

We all know loss is a natural part of life and grief is a universal consequence of significant loss.

The landscape of life as we knew it before 2020 has been lost.

School and work routines, entertainment, sports, and social gatherings – GONE.

Closed down. Lost.

Grief covered our lives as we isolated, pivoted, mourned the dead, and all we’ve lost. It’s global. We’ve all felt it.

At some points during the year have you felt like you were going crazy? I did.

But I keep saying, “You’re not crazy, you’re grieving.”

Grief is tricky because it’s an emotional process. And you must feel it to heal it.

Grief lives in the body and manifests as aches, pain, sensations, and tightness.

The three keys for processing your grief is to:

  1. Recognize those sensations
  2. Relate to them with curiosity instead of resisting them
  3. Release will happen

When we access the message of the body, the dark emotions are released.

It can be as simple as opening an envelope.

The Emotion Envelope

Think of your emotions as a message delivered in an envelope.

  1. Imagine an envelope floating across your head at eye level.
  2. Reach your arm out and take hold of the envelope with your hand.
  3. Now bring that envelope closer and open it.
  4. Remove the message.
  5. The contents are not scary. There is wisdom in the envelope.
  6. Feel your body relax as you become aware.
  7. Remember, awareness is the first key to change. And change happens only in the present moment.

As the year ends

So, as the year ends, and emotions come up…

Don’t run. Recognize and relate with curiosity. Stay in the present moment.

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Have a blessed holiday.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


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