“Who Am I now that my father is gone? “ she wailed. My heart hurt as I heard her Raw Grief. “Yes, her was your protector as you moved forward in life.” I reflected.

“Who am I now that my identity with this job and the community where I worked is gone?”

I was stunned.

Finally aware that she was still in Fragile Grief, I offered her support.  A New Mourning, Discovering the Gifts in Grief offers tools and tips.

If you or someone you know is grieving, I invite you to listen to Aging in Portland. This radio interview offers education, humorous commercials and strategies for living beyond your loss. Wondering what to say and do when someone you know is grieving? How to cut the intense pain of that Raw Grief headache is just one of the many tips offered in this program.. Click to learn more –>>https://goo.gl/4Sw4ew 

What I know is we are like happy, well-fed caterpillars. Then life events ruin this cycle and we are turned to mush in the cocoon of grief. How long we stay in or ever emerge from the dark of grief is our choice. Do you have the resilience to break free of your grief cocoon and be reborn as a beautiful butterfly? It is possible.

Join me on this podcast to discover your wings ~ click here.