You moved from your home of over thirty years to this beautiful Senior Living Community.

People are friendly. The place is gorgeous. Everything is easy and safe to navigate.

But something is missing. There is a longing for those beautiful patterned throw rugs on the floor even though you tripped over them and nearly broke your hip. You miss the windows from you original home letting in light from every direction.

You are grieving. Longing and feeling sad, even mad that the comfort of the familiar is gone. These grief feelings are deepened even more when you moved because your spouse of fifty years died just months before. Now what? Now “How to Celebrate the Holidays” when the undertow of grief is pulling at your heart?

First recognize that you are grieving. Choice is your birthright. You may choose this holiday season to be Unconditionally Kind to yourself. No self-judgment. That means when you are silently criticizing yourself  with “What’s wrong with me? Why am I so tired? Tearful? Timid about joining in with others?” you simply allow yourself to recognize with Unconditional Kindness “Oh, this is grief. Oh, this is grief again.”

Take a moment to feel what is happening in your body.

Is there a different pain in your neck? The body tells the Truth so sit down and allow yourself to notice the pain. To really feel it to heal it.

Let any worry, sadness, frustration, anger surface.  Make sound. Talk out loud. This is your body and perhaps this pain has a message for you…. ”__________ is a real pain in the neck so I will__________.” Strange as it may sound, we long to have others listen to us, but we often fail to listen to ourselves.

Then touch that painful part. Simply notice the temperature of your hand. Are you gripping that place? Stay in the zone of “Unconditional Kindness” with curiosity.

Finally remember that Choice is your Birthright and breathe.  Silently count the breaths in and exhale that same number plus two. Several times again to turn on your body’s natural ability to heal itself. It is growing new cells until the day you die.

Could this grief be a Transformational Teacher? Could you have a new appreciation for yourself, your ability to feel and your body to heal itself?

When you are ready, join others in this vibrant, beautiful place and say “Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.”

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