We seek what will soothe our souls when we move through our grief. Water has a unique ability to wash away literally and figuratively that which sullies our bodies. The tools are in nature: how to help heal your grief.

Stop and consider –

🌊Do you find the sound of a waterfall relaxing?
🌊Is a river/creek/brook running over rocks and around bends calming?
🌊Waves crashing on the shores make you release a breath you didn’t realize you were holding?

There’s something refreshing about a body of water in nature cleansing itself and its surroundings.

Just as a body of water cleans itself, it’s important for you to keep moving and flowing after experiencing a loss.

Feel the relief through each drop of WATER:


Patience is a virtue. There is no timeline for grieving. Allow yourself the space to let it flow the way it wants to go.


Beginning to let your senses connect with what is occurring within and around you will help you process. Open yourself to feeling fully. Know when physical pain may be showing up from your emotional hurt. 


Thinking of the positives and good memories may provide you a channel like the river to honor the person rather than being submerged by the loss. However, each thought heavy, light, positive, or negative is valid and okay.


Find a way to express your feelings. A journal, diary, or simply a notebook to jot down thoughts will let the emotion flow onto the page and can be helpful in addressing certain aspects that arise.


Once you piece all of these actions together, you can begin to reclaim your life again and feel refreshed in your grief discovery. Every step is about being more aware, in tune with yourself, and knowing how to move forward on your personal journey through grief. 

WATER has a beautiful quality about it for clarity and purifying. If you allow it to, it can help you through your loss as well.

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Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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