A living, breathing thing. Would you say that describes your body? Would you say it describes nature? I say nature and your body: not so different.

Nature is an ecosystem of different elements, plants, and animals all working together. Everything in it depends on the other. 

🪨 Earth
🌬️ Wind
🌊 Water
🔥 Fire

All of these elements help nature transform and maintain balance.

Along the same lines, think about your body. You have different organs and parts working together. Each depends on the other.

🧠 Mind
😮‍💨 Breath
🩸 Blood
🫀 Heart

All of these function to help maintain balance within your body.

Sometimes storms are brewing, sometimes it’s calm and serene. The most critical aspect is paying attention so you know how to respond and react in each situation.  

Grief in your body is like adding an unpredictable accelerant to the mix. It can hit quickly, move swiftly, and switch gears at the drop of a hat.

If you… 

❤️‍🩹 have that understanding 
❤️‍🩹 approach how the body manifests your loss with curiosity
❤️‍🩹 process in a raw but gentle way 

Then you’ll be able to weather what the elements (your body’s responses) have in store for you while living through loss. 

My colleague, Susan Schoenbeck, wrote Polio Girl as an honest view into those afflicted with polio and those surrounded by those affected by the virus.
We all have seen the photos and heard the stories of what contracting polio meant for patients.
However, a broader look actually provides a more intimate understanding of the truth for all involved.
Don’t take my word for it; get your copy here. 

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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