As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, consider the way fireworks and BBQs all include a flame. Fire can act as a catalyst for a natural freedom from grief.

Grief can grip you and hold you back.

Part of what makes it so challenging is that there’s no single solution to your grieving. It is unique to you. And you must walk through the fire or across the coals, so you can come out the other side maybe a little singed, but still whole.

Give yourself permission and the freedom to feel fully.

It’s easy for a fire to get out of control if not managed, or it can smolder and come back to life with a spark. 

Take these steps to help break free from the hold grief has on you and handle the FIRE:


What are you feeling in this moment? Truly listen to your body, hear what it is telling you, take it at face value, and acknowledge that it exists. There is a release that happens when you allow yourself to feel the raw emotions.


What is your gut telling you? Your initial thought before you begin to justify or dismiss the feelings you are focusing on is that knee-jerk reaction. Trust your instinct, sit with it, and start to gauge why you’re feeling that way.


Do you need to reframe your responses? Sometimes learned reactions or adapted behavior needs to be unlearned and rewired so we can productively move forward while showing ourselves compassion. Know that this is a process and will likely not happen overnight (and that’s okay).


What would you like the outcome to be? When you embrace your feelings, the instinct behind them, and the response process in your grief journey, you will begin to reclaim your life and move beyond the binding. The combination of safety, compassion, and curiosity you create for yourself allows you to enfold yourself in comfort while you unfold the grief you’ve kept so confined.

Once you step through the FIRE, your healing will truly begin. Imagine that natural freedom from grief and what that can look like for you.

For extra support on your journey, watch the guiding video 3 Facets to Feel and Heal Your Grief here. EnJoy a gift you can use daily as well.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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