My dear community,

The body tells the truth

Memories and emotions, buried in our bodies, can create painful tensions. We especially carry these tensions in the neck and upper back (between shoulder blades). Our body reacts with aches and pains. Yes, the body tells the truth.

“Get off my back” is a well-known expression. It’s how we respond when feeling burdened with guilt, grief, a situation, or an irritating person.

Click on the audio recording below. Follow along with me as I lead you in a simple, yet powerful, exercise to release tension. This routine was created by Ilana Rubenfeld to loosen rigid muscles in just a few minutes.

Use this exercise for 6 minutes of gentle self-care. See how much your range of motion improves. Discover how much farther you can see.

Did you enjoy this short “workout”? Did you work out some built-up pain? Let me know by commenting below.

And, when your mind starts “looping” around and around, use this exercise to move into your body.

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Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,