Darkness can feel like it’s closing in when we grieve. If you’re new to grief, there’s a whole process between loss, light, and letting go when loved ones are gone.

Grief is an emotional process. The rawness, fragility, utter confusion, and fatigue are part of the cycle. To begin to heal into Wellbeing, you must recognize the grief within you. 

When you’re ready to look inward, that inner work is the key to unlocking the door that leads to reclaiming your life again. 

What seems to be a moment suspended in time, according to Grief Reaction on StatsPearls from the National Library of Medicine, most normal grief processes between 6 months to 2 years after experiencing the loss.

Imagine extending that timeline for any unexpected or compounded loss you may feel. 

You need a way to recognize the grief while moving through it.

Writing can be a very cathartic, honest, releasing way to connect with your inner thoughts and understand your grief.

You have the ability to:

🖋️ Speak your truth/Hold nothing back
🖋️ Say what you really feel without judgment
🖋️ Reread and reflect on your words
🖋️ Identify root causes and create a way to move forward
🖋️ Gain freedom from the grip those feelings have/had on you

Unsure? Start slow. 

Jot a thought or two down on sticky notes or a scrap piece of paper. As you gain confidence in scribing what’s on your mind, you can upgrade your parcel to a notebook, journal, or diary. The important step is starting. 

Because it’s a journey that isn’t going to be done in a day or a week, the long-term can have you feeling stuck. 

When you write, you can return to entries to see: 

📝 who is helping or hurting the process
📝 what is coming up
📝 where you still need to focus
📝 when stressors seem to surface the most
📝 why certain aspects are still disrupting or able to be accepted
📝 how you’re progressing 

Allow yourself the space to fully feel. Practice. Ask yourself questions. Be honest with yourself. Then, you can begin to see the light again.

In truth, you must remember you are not broken. You are broken open like a seed to grow in Awareness so you can heal.

Tap into the Twelve Truths of Grieving for an extra tool to turn to on your journey beyond grief and loss by clicking here: https://integratedwellbeinginstitute.com/12-truths/

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,

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