How a Late Night Trip to the ER was FOR Me

My Dear Community,


The Ability to attain your goals- to control your experiences and have them results in happiness, prosperity and success- lies in your own mind and the way you use it. This means you control your own experiences- you really are in charge of your affairs and the way they are to develop. ~ Earnest Holmes



A late-night trip to the ER was not my plan.


Vincent and Chewie arrived for Friday night pizza and a movie. Vincent is my son. And Chewie is an adorable 18-year-old, toothless, cataract blind, fluffy gray Shiatsu. Vincent is his caretaker when Chewie’s “mom,” Tiffanie, is out of town.


Midway through the movie, Chewie began to cough and wheeze. I thought maybe he’d aspirated a piece of spicy sausage. So, I began T-Touch, a powerful, soothing process for pets. To no avail. His condition worsened.


Vincent paused the movie and said, “We’ve got to take him to the vet. I think it’s his heart.”


While Vincent cradled Chewie, I drove like a woman on fire. Chewie was NOT going to die on my watch.


Of course, Chewie’s 127 in people years. His death during his mom’s absence was a distinct possibility. One that Vincent and Tiffanie had discussed prior to her departure.


When we arrived at Dove Lewis there was a parking spot by the front door.


Though the waiting room was packed with dogs, a cat and a ferret, Chewie’s wheezing put him ahead of the pack. He was whisked off and put in an oxygen tent.


Halfway around the world, Tiffanie had just landed in Cambodia. It was noon there, so she was able to answer all the doctor’s questions and give permission for treatment.



While waiting in reception I found the September issue of ‘O’ magazine. And what do you know? The entire magazine was about, “Life is happening FOR us, not TO us.”


That wonderful quote by Wayne Dyer came to mind: “When I change the way I look at things, the things I Iook at change.”


By the time Chewie was discharged, at 2 a.m. and $1,776.00 lighter, I had read the entire magazine cover to cover.


A changed perspective


And I began to see our evening in a whole different light. I began to see all the little miracles of timing and serendipity.


Looking For The Gifts Got Us Through The Long Night

“Life is Happening FOR Us”

When grief strikes, it shatters on all levels. Our bodies ache. Our emotions roil up from nowhere, jerking us around. Our thoughts condemn what’s happening. Our strength evaporates.


But when we change our thinking, we can always find the gift.


Oh yes, I wrote an entire book about that, A New Mourning: Discovering the Gifts in Grief.


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Love and Blessings all Over,