What in you is rising today?

“Fear is a messenger and I want to receive its true communication. I’ve had to learn to be kinder to myself when I feel fear. Compassion when it rises up, engenders self-communication, revelation, and courage.”  ~ Tama Kieves

The Easter message around the world today is “Love never dies, it rises from the dead.”

What is rising in you today, this Easter day?  Do you feel fear?  Does your mind replay the same horror movie over and over? Discover a new beginning with self-compassion.


For this mom, self-compassion says “Enough!”

Are you like the mother who shared her story on Facebook? After her daughter’s death she felt the fear of aloneness.  She did not know anyone else who’s child had died. So in hopeless fear, she choose to harm herself.  By choosing what I call “incipient suicide” she drowned her fear with cigarettes and alcohol. That slow, self-destruction.

After several months a voice of self-compassion rose up within her. “What am I doing? Is this honoring or dishonoring my daughter?” She came out of fear’s fog. This self-communication and revelation gave her the courage to say”Enough”. 

Self-Compassion says, “Enough!” in Parkland

The message that rose in the Parkland students was “Enough.”  Mobilized, they marched to reclaim their safety. Last Saturday, they remembered with silence their friends and classmates – dead. Taken in six minutes and thirty seconds of terror. Fear that reverberated through their bones. Shattered lives.

Their right to feeling safe now gone.

Out of their fear has risen a message of self-compassion. Enough!

What is self-compassion revealing for you today?

Take a moment to breath in through your nose. Notice the temperature.

  • Where does your breath go in your body?
  • What is the temperature as you exhale?
  • What does your body feel like in this moment?
  • Is there a bit of relaxation?
  • Or do you feel hopelessness and fear with “Oh I will never rise again?”
  • What if that judgment could be shifted with another breath as you breathe in with compassion.
  • Follow your breath with curiosity and discover a sliver of connection with yourself.

Repeat this process again.

Now what are you feeling in your body?

Is there something you are willing to say “Enough” to?  Just notice what bursts through your gut, your heart, your brain.

Write it down to honor yourself.

If you choose to share write it again in the blog below.  Thank you.

Remember, if you are a grieving parent the Afterlife Symposium is a place to gather, process and receive tools for new connection.