Energy is Neither Created Nor Destroyed

We all know that Einstein proved this. Oprah went on to simplify it by saying:

“Everything is Energy.”

What if we substitute the word Love for Energy? That is the Truth.

What if we really begin to be aware, to feel, see and believe Love Never Dies?

It is the season of Love.  Really? When I am grieving the death of my child, my marriage, my job, my identity?

You are telling me “Love Never Dies”? Yes. I am. Breathe a minute and choose to read on for two more minutes.

Love Embodied

We were each born in these body suits filled to overflowing with Love.

What does the thought of a newborn baby anything evoke in your heart?  Love? Softness? Delight?

The Love that grows into a body or girl, young puppy or kitten is love embodied.

We all know that everything has a birth and a death of the container it is in.

Flowers, trees, animals, people, even the grass and the stars all have a life cycle.

You have heard me say it over and over:

Loss is a natural part of life. Grief is a universal response to loss.

How Do I Respond to Loss with Love?

“There is a hole in my heart. My heart is shattered. I am never going to be the same.”

These are often the response to the sentence on the Grief Assessment:

“When Grief Overwhelms me it feels like __________________.”

So when there IS no Love left, then what?

4 Choices to Allow Love into your Heart

1. Remember each time you ask and answer the question:

“What is the most kind and loving thing I can do for myself in this moment?”

you are allowing Love.

2. Look for Love.

Look for Love in TV commercials, helpful people in the grocery store, the person

who calls to say :”I am thinking of you. How are you in this moment?”

3. Order the book Love Never Dies: a Psychic Artist Illustrates True Stories of the Afterlife.

I read this book by my colleague and friend Jane De Forest and Love flooded my heart.   CLICK HERE

My thoughts were: The ideal book for all those grieving parents who are wondering about the well-being of their child.

This book assures parents, widows and widowers, grieving children, siblings and friends that their Beloved lives.

Move beyond pain, sadness and grief to discover Love Never DiesCLICK HERE.

4. Forward this to a friend who is wondering how to support you, the grieving person.

This book is truly a Christmas Treasure!