It’s OK

Do you feel like you’ll never be the same again?

You are right. You won’t be. Ever.

I am not the same woman I was on the morning of January 24, 1998. That night my life changed forever.

None of us are after a trauma, or a great loss.

The human condition requires us to expand (no, I do not mean our waistlines). We are designed to expand and evolve.

The Body-Mind Energy Principles

Ilana Rubenfeld, the creator of RSM, the body-mind energy method that was essential for my recovery, discovered these principles:

  1. Each individual is unique.
  2. The body, mind, emotions and spirit are part of a dynamically interrelated system.
  3. The body is a metaphor.
  4. The body tells the truth.


Putting It Into Practice

  1. Just this afternoon, I cradled my client’s head and her stomach tightened. Now how could that be? I put my hands on other people’s head and they feel their head or neck. They do not report a tight stomach. (Principle 1: Each individual is unique)
  2. Next, I placed my hands on her head and arm. Again, her stomach responded. (Principle 2: The body, mind, emotions and spirit are part of a dynamically interrelated system.)
  3. We would later discover it was the clenching of her now childless womb. My client’s teenager had died months earlier. (Principle 3: The body is a metaphor. & 4: The body tells the truth.) 

My client discovered a little more freedom.

Do you feel like you’ll never again feel free of grief? I did. I was held in bondage to grief for years.

That’s why I now do what I do. Asking potent questions. Dispelling the myths keeping us stuck in grief. Giving permission to recover and rebuild.

Grief is a roller coaster of highs and lows. Grief is not a life sentence.

I assured my client, who felt lighter after the grief in her stomach was recognized and released, it is ok to feel ok. This is healthy grief. A moment of high, of lightness, of promise.

Allow – Accept – Receive

ALLOW yourself to feel happy. When you eat that juicy watermelon and become engrossed in winning the seed spitting contest – feel happy! Feel the freedom from grief for a moment. Just allow it. Don’t criticize yourself.

ACCEPT the awe you feel when watching magnificent fireworks flowering above you. Don’t beat yourself up.

RECEIVE relief from grief, if only for a moment. You can be free from grief.

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